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Policy affecting the globe

Stavins Proposes A Global Climate Policy On Which Economists, Scientists, and Politicians Can Agree

Kleit and Lutter Show Why Increasing CAFE Standards is a Bad Idea

Priest Argues that Each Nation Should Define its Own Regulatory Policy

Gerard and Lave Find Sound Economic Reasons for CAFE

Campbell, Koski, and Blumenthal Examine the 'Triple Helix' of Relationships Between Universities, Corporations, and Government

Stavins and Revesz Examine Environmental Regulation and Offer Policy Recommendations

Hahn, Rosston and Wallsten: No Economic Rationale for Regulating or Taxing VoIP

Landes and Posner Explain the Expansion of Intellectual Property Law and Its Role in America's Changing Regulatory Landscape

Volcker and Levitt: Sarbanes-Oxley Boosts Investor Confidence, Market Efficiency, and Market Participation

Engler, Gray and Starr Contend That the Telecom Industry Needs Deregulation, Not More State Regulation

Hahn and Litan Describe How Congress and OMB Can Improve the Transparency and Quality of Regulation

Wallsten et al provide downloadable telecom and electricity regulation data for developing countries

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Joint Center Executive Director Robert Hahn, author of Reviving Regulatory Reform: A Global Perspective, is a former senior staff member of the President's Council of Economic Advisers and co-founder of an inner-city middle school in Providence, RI.

Headlines for June 30:
Doctor performing clinical testEditorial: Clinical Trial Disclosure
EPA Says Millions Inhaling Air with Fine-Particle Pollution

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Regulation News Updated:
June 30, 2004 07:00 PM
Donaldson: SEC Seeks Hedge Funds Scrutiny
New law streamlines bureaucracy
Donaldson: SEC Seeks Hedge Funds Scrutiny


How should antitrust policy be designed?
Internet Telephony
Should we regulate use of the Internet for telephone calls?
Joint Center in the News
Robert Hahn comments on Reagan's Regulatory Legacy


June 10: The Future of the Triple Helix: Finding the Balance Among Government, Industry, and Academic Research Relationships
May 13: Regulating Wireless: How Much and By Whom?
June 14-18: Judicial Education Program: Economics Institute for Judges


The Political Economy of Intellectual Property Law

Financial Privacy, Consumer Prosperity, and the Public Good

Regulation through Litigation

Whom the Gods Would Destroy, or How Not To Deregulate

Do Federal Regulations Reduce Mortality?